Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday, June 27th

Qualitative vs. Quantitative

This was a very good discussion for me. I have been on the quantitative side of the equation and will probably pursue that route for my dissertation. However, I enjoyed the distinction of the "Why" versus the "How." I have had some exposure to the qualitative side during my EdS studies and found it difficult because of the coding process. However, by putting it in the terms as it was today, I definitely can see how the two can actually help each other in discovering what is taking place with a phenomenon.


In the past, I have created a webquest though it was actually more of a scavenger hunt on Andrew Jackson. I appreciate the distinction made today in the fact that this will be more for students discovering the aspects of a concept and then creating something new with it. The scavenger hunt was more of synthesizing and then reiterating the information. This will be interesting to pursue.

Dissertation Discussion

This was a much needed discussion. The talk clarified some of the aspects of what lies before me and helps me to understand the process that I will encounter. This was extremely beneficial for the class.

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