Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday, June 28th

Michael Wesch

This short video from Professor Wesch was very thought provoking. I truly enjoyed the discussion that we had analyzing the trends presented in this video. After reflecting on the video and discussion, I believe that in order to keep God's principles in regards with technology we must find a balance in our lives. In other words, the key work "moderation." The idea of the Google glasses also reminds me of the episode of Star Trek: Next Generation when everyone became addicted with the game that they looked into with a harness that was attached on the head. This addiction caused havoc for the crew. This is a very interesting development with Google's glasses.

Multimedia Production Tools

In the past, I have tinkered with some of these applications such as iMovie, Windows MovieMaker, and very little with Audacity. I always had difficulties with Audacity. Now, I realize that it is probably is because I didn't have the encoder downloaded. I look forward to using these in the classroom.

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