Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Technology in the Classroom

 Ever since I was a young boy, I have been intrigued with computers and technology. I still have great memories of sitting down to my dad's Apple IIe and working with a system that had a whopping 128K memory. We thought it was great especially compared to the Tandy. Ironically, I am typing this on a Windows machine instead of a Mac, though we have both in the house today.

In my career as an educator, I have used several different types of technologies in the classroom. On a daily basis I use my school's laptop and SmartBoard to teach my lessons in Civics. I have also maintained several wikis for my class and tried playing with Edmodo. I am comfortable trying new Web 2.0 resources, but I still consider myself a beginner with how rapidly things change on the Internet. There are just so many resources out there for a teacher to use. As a result, it can make one want to pull their hair out trying to decide what to use. I have come to the conclusion to dive deeply into a few instead of trying to implement the masses of tools.

I look forward to learning even more about how great of a tool God has allowed mankind to create and to use its potential in the classroom for His glory. That is my goal for this course, to increase and learn even more about technology and its utilization in the classroom.

Chris Taylor

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